Compact Tumble Dryers 2.5 - 3kg

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How do I choose a compact tumble dryer

Small and compact tumble dryers are great if you don’t have space for a full size machine. These tend to have a small capacity of 2.5 - 7kg so are great for small flats or motor homes. There are still a few things to consider when choosing the right compact dryer.
Type of dryer - Most compact dryers will be vented dryers, which remove excess moisture through a hose. This does mean you’ll need to position the compact tumble dryer near a window to stick the hose out of when in use. Condenser boxes are also an option, converting your vented dryer into a condenser dryer. Standalone condenser dryers tend to start at 7kg capacity, so these aren’t directly an option for you if you are looking for a small model.
Capacity - If you often wash large loads, a 4 - 5kg machine would be the better choice. This also works well for couples. For a larger family setting, try a 7kg dryer, though these are going to be larger. If you live alone, a smaller 2.5kg dryer would be more that sufficient.
Physical machine size - If space saving is the main reason for your purchase, be sure to check the dimensions. As a rough estimate, a 4kg dryer would be around 50cmx48cmx67cm. A 2.5kg dryer would be closer to 49cmx41cmx58cm.
Energy rating - Please check the energy class before you buy. The most efficient condenser dryers on the market will be above a C energy class.

Compact tumble dryers are great for single people or small families. Compare the latest and best compact tumble dryers from high street and online retailers like Argos,, Currys and more.