SAMSUNG WW90K5413UX Freestanding 1400 rpm wahing machine
  •   Freestanding
  •   1400 rpm
  •   A+++ rated
  •   Graphite
  •   Integrated
Brand:SAMSUNG Size:9 kg
Low price:£419.00 High price:£494.00
EAN:8806088194837  Offers:10
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SAMSUNG WW90K5413UX review


Excellent energy rating

The SAMSUNG WW90K5413UX is rated A+++. This is the best energy rating available (meaning it will use less water and electricity compared to lower rated machines)

Big capacity

The SAMSUNG WW90K5413UX has a 9kg capacity which is big. You can wash 22 pairs of socks, 12 tops, 6 towels, 5 pairs of jeans, 2 pillow cases and 2 bed sheets all in the same load.

Fast spin speed

This model has a fast 1400 rpm spin speed. This has the potential to dry your clothes to a greater extent, reducing the amount of time they need to be in the tumble dryer or hung out to dry

Above average reliability

Samsung washing machines have above average reliability. There are slightly more reliable brands like Miele and Siemens