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Beat The Heat - Sleep Solutions In The Summer Weather

Are you putting your socks in the fridge? Maybe you should be! Here are our selection of tips and products to help you sleep in the heat.

Laura Jenkins

Sleep solutions without the spend

Close the curtains

It may seem a little counterproductive, but drawing the curtains during the day time can be a great way to keep your bedroom cool. A large contributor to an increase in temperature indoors is direct sunlight. Even if the air outside is cool and you want to keep the curtains open to let air flow, most of the time this won't be enough to negate the heat from the sun. So in the daytime, or at least during hours where the sun would be shining through your window, draw the curtains to block out this direct heat. Open them again in the evening to let the cooler evening air into the room.

Use thinner sheets

Cotton covers especially are great at absorbing sweat. Bamboo is a natural temperature regulator so this is also a great choice. Switch out your duvet, or just sleep with your bedding without a duvet inside. Your body temperature will drop during the night regardless of how hot it is, so we suggest keeping an extra layer or blanket within reach in case you wake up in the night feeling cold.

Who said the fridge/freezer is just for food?

Ice packs are the obvious choice for keeping something frozen to hand for the evening, but these aren't really ideal to take to bed at night. Why not cool your socks in the fridge? Cooling your wrists and feet is a great way to lower your overall body temperature, so slip on a pair of cold socks before bed. Alternatively, put a tea towel in the freezer for a short time and pop it round your neck for relief when in bed or sitting watching TV. You can also fill your hot water bottle with ice cold water and snuggle that at night, but don't put the bottle directly into the freezer as this can compromise the rubber.

Water is your friend

A lot of people forget to up their water intake during hot periods. It's important to keep hydrated throughout the day as drinking when you're feeling particularly thirsty usually means you are already dehydrated. Hydrating throughout the day will not only stop you waking up with a horribly dry throat, but it'll also save you needing the loo in the middle of the night because you chugged a pint of water just before bed.

Try to keep your usual sleep routine

The extra daylight hours may mean you end up spending your weekdays out and about much later than usual, but this can really hit you when it comes to sleeping. If you can, try to maintain your usual sleep routine and invest in some blackout curtains or a sleep mask if the light is an issue

Top Heat Sleep Buys

  • Aidapt Cooling Gel Mat - This gel pad sits on your pillow or just in your pillowcase to give you relief during the night.
  • Air Conditioner Units - These pull in warm air and pump it outside, at the same time releasing cool air back into the room. They can be a little pricey but there is a wide price range to work with here.
  • Gel Eye Masks - These can be put in the fridge and put on before bed. Not only do they help combat the heat but they can also help with puffiness around the eyes and headaches!
  • Desk Or Tower Fans - One of the easiest ways to cool down with a great selection for every budget. Some people can't tolerate the noise when they sleep, but for others fan sounds can be particularly soothing and actually promote a good night's sleep!
  • Bamboo Fitted Sheet - Bamboo is extremely breathable and a natural temperature regulator, meaning that not only is it perfect in the summer months, it will also keep you warm in the winter so can be a worthwhile investment!
  • The Cube Sleep System from Chilisleep can regulate your bed temperature. Just add water and plug it in for the night.

The hot weather may not last long in the UK, but it's important to keep yourself safe and comfortable any way you can. Be sure to apply sun protection throughout the day and avoid direct sun during the hottest hours.

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