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Common Misspellings On Offeroftheday

From vaccuums to elastic aged pants, here are the most common misspellings in 2022

Laura Jenkins

It's always been a tricky one and we'd be lying if we said we still don't rely on auto correct from time to time but vacuum and vacuums are the most misspelt search terms this year. The most common misspelling is vaccums, followed by vaccuum and vacums. Whilst it isn't a spelling mistake, many people often use the term Hoover when searching for vacuum cleaners.

Hoover is in fact a vacuum brand, but the term is often used due to the term hoovering being popular in the home. If you tend to use the term Hoover, you may not get as many results on shopping websites as you'd like (though many websites are aware of this term and will show you all vacuum results regardless). However, if you are finding the choice is looking a little thin, make sure to change your search term!

So Many Double Letters - Mattress/Mattresses

Most words with double letters trip us up from time to time, but how about words with double double letters? Mattresses can be difficult enough to say, let alone spell! Common searches include matresses, mattreses and matrisses

Inter, Inta Or Inte - Integrated

Integrated white goods are extremely popular on electrical websites, but if you're not seeing many results, check the spelling. The top misspellings are intergrated, intagreated and intergreated. With the uh sound in integrated, it's an easy mistake to make to assume there is an extra r in there somewhere.

Misspelling Or Just American - Jewellery

We put this down to pronunciation. The most common misspelling of jewellery is jewelry and we can see why. Jewellery certainly feels like it's got an extra e in the end there for extra fun. However, jewelry isn't technically incorrect with it being the preferred spelling in the USA. UK websites tend to autocorrect this spelling as British brands will use the UK spelling in their product listings.

We Just Use A Suitcase - Luggage

Popular misspellings of luggage include luggidge and luggige, but the most popular spelling is lugage.

Perfect For The Garden - Rattan

Rattan garden furniture sets are ever popular on site, especially during hot weather. Ratan is a popular spelling, not just with consumers. We often see Ratan used by sellers on site when promoting their furniture sets.

DIY Around The Home - Polyfilla

We'll admit, even we thought this was Pollyfiller. The popular multi-surface repair compound from LePage is a brand rather than a type of product. Having used it multiple times ourselves, it's easy to gloss over the packaging and read it as Pollyfiller despite the fact it is Polyfilla. We'll remember this one!

Hitting The Gym - Dumbbell

Home gyms are still on the rise since lockdown and what better way to complete your set up than with dumbbells. Common misspellings include dumbell, dumbel and dumb bell.

Popular Brand But Still Hard To Spell - Adidas

Adidas is one of the most popular fashion and sports brands on the planet. Autocorrect is usually pretty great on this because it is a brand, but a lot of us still try to use Addidas.

A New Type Of Underwear - Elasticated.

Search results often see this being spelt as elastacated, but our favourite use of a misspelling has to be a search for elastic aged underwear. We aren't sure if those are a thing, but if not we are interested to see what they would look like.

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