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There are so many mattress options on the market it can sometimes be overwhelming knowing where to start.

Rosie Harris

There are so many mattress options on the market it can sometimes be overwhelming knowing where to start. At OfferofTheDay we understand the importance of getting the right mattress to ensure a good night’s sleep. Our experts have put together a simple walk-through guide to help you find the perfect mattress to suit your needs and budget.

Choosing type

£Open coiled (otherwise called continuous coiled) are budget-friendly and readily available with a large selection of sizes. Great option for children’s beds or guest beds as they have a relatively short lifespan. Compare open coiled mattresses.
££Pocket spring mattresses are a great everyday mattress, particularly for couples as the individual pocketed springs provide individual support, minimizing disturbance during the night. Compare pocket spring mattresses
££Memory foam is an excellent choice for relieving pain as it absorbs the body’s weight, relieving pressure on joints. Memory foam is advised for side sleepers as it will align your spine, maintaining posture as you sleep. Compare memory foam mattresses
£££Latex foam is very breathable making it perfect for those with allergies or asthma and also for those who overheat during the night. They tend to be at the expensive end of the spectrum and can be quite heavy however, they are worth the initial cost as their durability is excellent. Compare latex mattresses
£££Hybrid mattresses combine the benefits of springs and foam to deliver the perfects night sleep. Latex and memory foam options are available with memory foam moulding to your body providing ultimate comfort, while latex provides greater breathability keeping you cooler. Compare hybrid mattresses

Choosing firmness

Use our firmness flowchart to find your perfect firmness…

Which firmness is right for me?

Open coil spring2.5£Lightweight = movable. Suited to guest beds
Pocket spring4.2££Breathable good for those who get hot at night and individual springs mean good to share bed without interference.
Latex4.2£££Breathable, good for those with allergies/asthma
Memory foam4.5££Supportive good for relieving joints
Hybrid4.6£££Balances requirements giving good night sleep for anyone

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